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Birding Resources

Visit the Birding Resources, Websites & Links below for excellent information on wild birds, other wildlife, and plants across North America.

Our Birding Resources, Websites & Links Page is updated on a regular basis so that birders and naturalists can find the latest in National Birding Resources as well as Local Birding Resources Information. So, enjoy the resources which will point you to state and national parks; bird counts and rare bird sightings; events and meetings for various environmental and birding organizations; photos, videos, and slide shows; newsletters and more . . .

The list below offers a number ongoing Wild Bird Company publications (slide shows from our weekly bird walks, list of US State Birds, blog postings, charts & tips, newsletter archive, and links to all of our state portals with regional information for each). In addition, we have listed a number of national birding and environmental organizations which provide a wide range of information and opportunities for involvement to promote the health of our birding and natural communities. The staff of Wild Bird Company is always available to answer your questions and to recommend additional birding resources.

Everyone can make a difference so that we can help provide important information to those around us, assist in educating the young and imbue everyone with a respect for our natural world − and to support and assist in protecting habitat and species that are at risk.

Wild Bird Company Resources

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Attracting Wild Birds
List of US State Birds
Wild Bird Company Blog
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National Birding Organizations and Resources

All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Bird Sightings − Powered by eBird
Birding in the United States – An Economic and Statistical Analysis
Birding Hotspots Near You by
National Audubon Society
National Geographic Society − Birds
National Wildlife Refuge System
Nature Conservancy
Sierra Club
US Fish & Wildlife Service National Digital Library − Migratory Bird Section (Images, Videos, etc.)

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