American Avocet – Recurvirostra Americana. Wild Bird Company Bird Walk, Bird of the Day 04.28.18

Bird of the Day: American Avocet – Recurvirostra Americana

Wild Bird Company Saturday Morning Bird Walk at 63rd St. Pond–Resource Center and Walden Ponds & Sawhill Ponds Wildlife Habitats, Boulder, US-CO, April 28, 2018. We Are Wild About Birds!


April 28, 2018 Bird Walk Count and Newsletter

Photo Gallery: April 28, 2018 Bird Walk

Slide Show: April 28, 2018

April 28, 2018. Sunny and gorgeous. 60°F. 0-3 mph. 15 participants.
Spring is springing! With it, comes all kinds of activity around territoriality like nest building, singing, and fighting. We witnessed an epic battle today between two male red-winged blackbirds that ended up in the water still going at each other. See the slide show and video for more details.

Bird of the Day – American Avocet – Recurvirostra Americana – Boulder, CO
The elegant American Avocet is always a delight to behold. It is especially thrilling to see them for the first time when they return in the spring. That time was this morning for me. American avocets have a recurved bill meaning it bends upward. Both male and female are similar in their plumage, but you can tell them apart by the recurve in their bills. Female avocets have a more recurved bill compared to males. I figured out early in life that females are more curvy, so this is an easy one to remember.

American Avocet ©Neal Zaun
American Avocet by Neal Zaun

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