Cinnamon Teal – Anas cyanoptera. Wild Bird Company Bird Walk, Bird of the Day 04.14.18

Bird of the Day: Cinnamon Teal – Anas cyanoptera

Wild Bird Company Saturday Morning Bird Walk at Sombrero Marsh & Pond, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Cherryvale Office area, and Eldorado Springs (town), Boulder, US-CO, April 14, 2018. We Are Wild About Birds!


April 14, 2018 Bird Walk Count and Newsletter

Photo Gallery: April 14, 2018 Bird Walk

Slide Show: April 14, 2018

April 14, 2018. Sunny and mild. 50°F. 2-10 mph. 10 participants.
At the top of the local bird news was a sighting of an Anna’s Hummingbird at Alison’s home (she’s a Saturday Birder). We planned our route so we would end up over there in hopes of seeing this rare hummingbird. We missed on the hummer, but it was great to spend some time in Alison’s beautiful yard. Thanks Alison. She sent me some pictures of the Anna’s that are included in this week’s slide show.

Bird of the Day – Cinnamon Teal – Anas cyanoptera – Boulder, CO
A male cinnamon teal is a most striking bird. You can see that warm reddish brown color from across the pond. When you get a closer look you can see long gold and black feathers that lay on their back and the almost creepy red eye. Cinnamon teal are a small duck, but their long body shape and big shoveler-like bill gives them the appearance of a larger duck. Female teal are an id challenge, but you can separate out female cinnamons by their same bill and body shape combined with a plain face.

Cinnamon Teal ©Kevin Rutherford
Cinnamon Teal By Kevin Rutherford

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