Wood Duck – Aix sponsa. Wild Bird Company Bird Walk, Bird of the Day 04.07.18

Bird of the Day:  Wood Duck – Aix sponsa

Wild Bird Company Saturday Morning Bird Walk at Pella Crossing Open Space, Crane Hollow Road and ponds, and Foothills Reservoir & McCaslin Lake area, Boulder, US-CO, April 7, 2018. We Are Wild About Birds!


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April 7, 2018. Cloudy and chilly. 28°F. 2-6 mph. 4 participants.
This morning was quite a departure from the bird watching I was doing last week in Mexico (at least weather-wise). All those migrants I saw making their way northward along the Gulf Coast are starting to show up here now. Over the next few weeks there will be a lot of changes!

Bird of the Day – Wood Duck – Aix sponsa – Boulder, CO
One of the fun things about this morning was watching a pair of Wood Ducks exploring the big trees around the Crane Hollow Heronry searching for a nest site. Wood ducks get their names because they nest in tree hollows. At one point this morning, the female wood duck was clinging onto the side of a broken off branch. Supporting herself with her webbed claws and pressing her tail against the tree – woodpecker style. Then she would tilt up and poke her head into the cavity to see if anyone else was using it! I’m sure that is a very anxious moment.

Wood Ducks ©Neal Zaun
Wood Ducks by Neal Zaun

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