Mountain Bluebird – Sialia currucoides. Wild Bird Company Bird Walk, Bird of the Day 03.17.18

Mountain Bluebird – Sialia currucoides

Bird of the Day. Wild Bird Company Saturday Morning Bird Walk at Joder Ranch and Boulder Reservoir complex Boulder, US-CO, March 17, 2018. We Are Wild About Birds!


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March 17, 2018. Sunny and pleasant. 40°F. 2-4 mph. 14 participants.
It was a great day to go looking for bluebirds in the foothills because we didn’t have any wind! We found some eventually despite my hacking cough – sorry. This morning really felt like the first spring walk of the year.

Bird of the Day – Mountain Bluebird – Sialia currucoides – Boulder, CO
Spring is in the air and with it comes territoriality. We saw two male mountain bluebirds face off in a little skirmish this morning. While I don’t feel that either of these birds were actually on territory, the hormones are still pumping and they get after each other no matter where. So even the seemingly mild-mannered bluebirds have a squabble once in a while.

Mountain Bluebird ©Neal Zaun
Mountain Bluebird by Neal Zaun

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