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    Welcome to Wild Bird Company − Kentucky

    Wild Bird Company is your friendly resource for backyard bird watching and bird feeding since 1989. We welcome you to our Kentucky portal for bird watching and backyard birding resources. We are always available to answer questions about Kentucky wild birds and birds across the US − and to learn about your birding experiences.

    Northern Cardinal - Cardinalis cardinalis − Kentucky State Bird

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    Identify Your Kentucky Wild Birds

    Need help identifying the birds in your yard, your region or beyond? Visit "All About Birds" from Cornell Lab of Ornithology to help you in your search for Kentucky wild birds identification, habitat, audio, video and similar species − and for information focused on birds worldwide.

    All About Birds, Online Bird Guide
    (for Kentucky wild birds . . . and throughout North America)

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Steve - Birding in Boulder, CO ©Steve Frye
In fourth grade my teacher asked us to write about what we wanted to do when we grew up. I said I wanted to be a Nature Nut. She said that wasn’t really a choice, but she asked, and that’s what I wanted to be. So here I am more than 40 years later a Professional Nature Nut, owning my store for more than 25 years. It’s always good to follow your passion.

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Enjoy shopping on our secure Online Store for your Kentucky birding supplies. Wild Bird Company offers a full array of backyard bird feeding and bird watching products and supplies − bird seed & suet, bird boxes, bird baths, bird feeders, baffles, accessories, optical equipment, books and media.
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National Birding Resource Orgs & Links

Great Horned Owl - Bubo virginianus - Kentucky Bird Walks”/></a>
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Great Horned Owl ©Steve Frye

Visit the sites below for excellent information on Kentucky wild birds, other wildlife, and plants around Kentucky − and across North America:
All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
National Audubon Society
National Geographic Society − Birds
National Wildlife Refuge System
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Steve Recommends

Steve Frye - Wild Bird Co founder - Kentucky Birding Advice
Steve - Backyard Birding at Home in Longmont, CO ©Steve Frye
For the birds, surviving winter is a “simple” equation of calories in converted to heat. Many other energetic activities like nesting and territory defense are not applicable in the winter. Their main purpose is to survive the winter by finding and taking in enough food. Feeding the birds can help them over winter, especially in those harsh stretches. You will find that feeder activity varies tremendously according to the weather. As a storm approaches, increased activity will show just how many birds have found your feeder! Not surprisingly, suet and sunflower seeds, both high in fat and protein, are favored when birds need to tank up for a coming cold snap. In extreme conditions, chickadees can lose up to one third of their body weight overnight to keep warm.
-- Good Birding, Steve Frye, Kentucky Portal

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Band-Winged Meadowhawk Dragonfly ©Steve Frye
Visit the links below to view photos and videos taken during our Wild Bird Company Bird Walks, as well as an archive of our regular Newsletters:

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