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Colorado Birding Portal

Lark Bunting – Calamospiza melanocorys − Colorado State Bird
(click to Lark Bunting reference page by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds)


Lark Bunting – Calamospiza melanocorys − Colorado State Bird − Colorado in Delaware

Wild Bird Company is your friendly resource for Colorado birding, backyard bird watching and bird feeding since 1989. We welcome you to our Colorado portal for bird watching and backyard birding resources. We are always available to answer questions about Colorado wild birds and birds across the US − and to learn about your birding experiences.

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Identify Your Colorado Wild Birds

Lark Bunting - Calamospiza melanocorys

Lark Bunting – Calamospiza melanocorys

Need help identifying the birds in your yard, your region or beyond? Visit “All About Birds” from Cornell Lab of Ornithology to help you in your search for Colorado wild bird identification, habitat, audio, video and similar species − and for information focused on birds worldwide.

All About Birds, Online Bird Guide (Cornell Lab of Ornothology)

Colorado Wild Bird Watching Resources

Audubon Colorado
Colorado Bird Sightings – Powered by eBird
Colorado Birding Hotspots Near You by
Colorado State Parks
Nature Conservancy − Colorado
Sierra Club − Colorado
US National Park Service − Colorado
US National Wildlife Refuges − Colorado

Additional Local Colorado Wild Bird Watching Resources

Boulder County Audubon Society: Local lectures, field trips, wildlife inventory, education, and conservation projects.
Boulder Bird Club: The best local birding organization.
Boulder County Nature Association: Excellent natural history classes and field trips.
Colorado Birding Society: For discussion of wild birds and birdwatching in Colorado.
Colorado Field Ornithologists: Statewide birding organization and host of "Cobirds" email list.
Denver Field Ornithologists: Promoting interest in the study and preservation of birds and their habitats.
Colorado Sierra Club: Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.
Nature Conservancy of Colorado: Preserving the diversity of life on earth.

Local Birding Areas:

Boulder City Open Space and Mountain Parks: Local trail descriptions and maps.
Boulder County Open Space: Local trail descriptions and maps.
Longmont Open Space: Local trail descriptions and maps.
US Forest Service: Local trail descriptions and maps.

Wildlife Rehabilitation:

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary: Local center caring for orphaned and injured small birds and mammals.
Birds of Prey Foundation: Local rehabilitator of injured and orphaned hawks, eagles, and owls.

Kids and Nature:

Thorne Nature Experience: Great courses for kids and families.
Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery: Great courses for kids and families.
Children & Nature Network: Reference material for connecting kids to nature.
Such n Such Bird Blog: Follow the Such brothers and birding through the eyes of these young birders.

Other Informative Wild Birding Resources Websites:

Colorado Bat Society: All kinds of information about CO bats.
Project Wildbird: A study about wild bird feeding.
Bill Schmoker: Local birder and photographer.


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